Titelbild für Infoseite “MBA - E-Sports Management”: Manager steht vor Eventhalle
Titelbild für Infoseite “MBA - E-Sports Management”: Manager steht vor Eventhalle
I bet on the sure winner.

Master E-Sports Management (MBA)

Help gamers become professional athletes with your MBA in E-Sports Management.

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The game of your future: it’s a win. With your studies in E-Sports Management (MBA).

Are Computer Games not a sport? Quite the opposite: Gaming is extremely demanding, both motorically and mentally. Not only does it require excellent hand-eye coordination and lightning-fast reaction times. It also requires excellent spatial orientation, the highest level of concentration and extreme stamina. This is precisely why E-Sports are considered a sport in their own right in the USA and France and are officially recognised as such by the established Sports Associations. Germany is still lagging somewhat behind this development, but the gaming sector is booming here more than ever. 

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Make your way to success with a good degree for the future.

Online games are now played as worldwide tournaments in which participants win big cash prizes. So far, almost one billion U.S. dollars in cash prizes is said to have been paid out in e-sports. As a field of study, the subject is still very young. With your MBA in E-Sports Management, you are fully committed to the future. It will open up a wide range of career opportunities in the up-and-coming gaming industry for you. You can become, for example:

E-Sports Manager Media & Community Management

You develop marketing and social media strategies to promote professional e-sports within a certain target group. With your expertise, you ensure effective communication to increase the fan base and create long-term loyalty. Your channels are social media, forums and gamer networks. This is where you make your creative marketing strategies shine.

Event Manager: E-Sports

Team Manager E-Sports


Choose how you want to study E-Sports Management (MBA) at IU

We have developed a suitable study model for every life situation and every learning type. This also applies to your MBA study programme in E-Sports Management. This is the only way to ensure that you never lose sight of your personal and professional goals and that your Master's degree programme fits your individual needs perfectly. This is exactly why we at the IU International University of Applied Sciences attach so much importance to the fact that you decide when, where and how you want to study - without any compromises. 

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Why you should study E-Sports Management (MBA) 

Whether a Master's programme or an MBA programme is the better choice for you depends entirely on your professional goals and your individual requirements. While a classic Master's programme allows you to further deepen the specialised knowledge you gained in the course of a Bachelor's programme, an MBA focuses even more on imparting specialised knowledge such as leadership strategies and management skills. However, both forms of study offer excellent career prospects and attractive salary benefits if you want to start a new career, change industries or recommend yourself for higher positions. In any case, your IU degree programme will help you progress, as it not only provides you with specific Business Administration knowledge for a selected subject area, but above all optimally combines theory and practice. 

Your IU studies in E-Sports Management 

In the MBA in E-Sports Management at IU International University of Applied Sciences, you will study the E-Sports scene in all its facets. First, however, you will learn the Business basics of the Masters of Business Administration, including Leadership, International Marketing, Strategic Management and Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Then you will dive deeper into the world of E-Sports: in addition to the Event Management of E-Sports Tournaments or the Marketing of E-Sports Organisations, you will also learn about the Management of E-Sports Teams or individual E-Sports players. You can put your new skills into practice directly in your first project, so that you can later start directly in the field of E-Sports Management. 

A look into the future: what you'll do after graduation 

Online gaming is now an industry worth billions. The enormous prize money that is paid out at the worldwide E-Sports events also speaks for this. As a degree programme, the subject may still be very young, but with your MBA E-Sports Management you are fully committed to your professional future. And you will open up a wide range of career opportunities in an up-and-coming industry that not only needs experienced players. At least as important are the professionals who are well versed in the Management of Athletes and Events. Whether as an E-Sports Manager for the development of Marketing and Social Media Strategies or as an Event Manager for E-Sports. As an Event Manager in E-Sports for the Planning, Organisation and Realisation of large-scale events. Or as a Team Manager in E-Sports, to accompany individuals or entire teams on their individual career paths. 

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