Titelbild für Infoseite “Master Nachhaltiges Management”: Unternehmensberaterin steht vor Whiteboard
Master's degree
Titelbild für Infoseite “Master Nachhaltiges Management”: Unternehmensberaterin steht vor Whiteboard
I decide sustainably.

Master Nachhaltiges Management* (M.A.)

*Translated: Sustainable Management. Only available in German

Economic success at any price?Not your strategy. You find solutions that are profitable for all stakeholders and design projects with a holistic approach. With your master's degree in Sustainable Management. 

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Language : German

Your Sustainable Management studies. For the world of tomorrow.

Management is first and foremost the art of solving the challenges of a complex world and being able to take into account the most diverse influences and conditions in decision-making processes. Because the success of really good management is no longer measured only in numbers and profits. Responsibility for the social and ecological impact of a company's activities is increasingly coming into focus. Sustainability and profit are not a trade-off for modern companies, but the only viable path to a sustainable future. This is exactly what you will learn in your Master's degree in Sustainable Management.

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Your career: sustainable for the future.

CEOs of global corporations and asset managers say that sustainability is not only essential for the success of companies today, but a holistic approach also actively contributes to profits. Accordingly, there is a shift in thinking that requires new qualities and mindsets in management. This is where you come on the scene. With your master's degree in sustainable management, you meet precisely this need. Your degree qualifies you for middle management positions in companies that want to integrate sustainability into their corporate strategy, culture and organisation. With your innovative contribution, you will enrich the modern corporate structures of tomorrow. You can become, for example:  


In management consulting in the field of sustainability, you will support companies in their transformation to sustainable enterprises. As a professional in this field, you are able to set up concepts and processes that accompany companies on their way to more sustainability, without losing sight of the company's goals.




Choose how you want to study Sustainable Management at IU

Your educational path and your professional goals are at least as unique as you are, reason enough not to simply study on campus in the traditional way, but instead study wherever you are - around the clock and 365 days a year. IU’s distance learning programme offers these and many other advantages with its different time models and the innovative mix of virtual courses, digital learning tools and a unique online community. In this way, you’ll be able to complete your Master's degree with maximum self-determination and, if necessary, along with other students - without compromising and perfectly tailored to your personal needs.  

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Distance Learning

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You study completely on your own terms. Get the perfect blend of innovative study tools, interactive study formats via video chat (live or on demand) and personal support.

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Why you should study Sustainable Management

There are countless reasons for studying a Master's degree at IU. Perhaps one of the most important is the fact that a Master's degree is required in more and more professional fields. After all, it is synonymous with proven expertise in a subject area that you have personally defined. This is especially true if you want to do a doctorate and pursue an academic career. Another advantage of a Master's programme is that you can begin getting a taste of practical experience and broaden your horizons with valuable experience. This means that you will have a lot more arguments in your favour when it comes to job opportunities than candidates who "only" have a Bachelor's degree. You’ll also benefit from attractive career prospects. You will not only be able to start your career at a significantly higher salary level; as a Master's graduate, you will also take on responsible tasks in a managerial position much sooner

This is what your Master’s degree in Sustainable Management at IU looks like

The Master's degree in Sustainable Management at IU International University of Applied Sciences focuses on the classic business management disciplines and fields of action, expanding them to include ecological, social and ethical perspectives. In this way, you will gain a 360° view and learn to do business sustainably. To do this, you will first acquire a well-founded basis in business administration and economics. Then you will choose your focus from the classic business administration disciplines. Individualise your skills with the help of elective modules and expand your basic business knowledge with your own ideas and perspectives. The result is a fully comprehensive business studies programme in which the usual canon of subjects is expanded to include aspects of social responsibility and sustainability. You will therefore become interdisciplinary, functionally broader and able to actively shape the business world of tomorrow.   

A look into the future: what you will be able to do after graduating

It is becoming increasingly important for companies to adopt a sustainable approach. After all, a holistic approach contributes significantly to profits. This rethinking requires new qualities and ways of thinking at management level. As a graduate with a Master's degree in Sustainable Management, you will become a sought-after professional for middle management positions in companies that want to consciously integrate the topic of sustainability into their corporate strategy, culture and organisation. With your innovative contribution, you will enrich the modern strategic approaches of tomorrow, be it as a management consultant for sustainable business transformation, as a managing director or founder of your own company, or as head of the finance department with team responsibility. 

Awards, accreditations and certifications

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