The research project "Simulation as Theory-Practice Transfer: Professional Development in Social Work Studies (SimPSon)" aims to integrate the method of simulation into social work studies. By means of intensive and media-supported processing of situations from everyday life, students are trained in the use of specific methods and in this way trained to become reflective practitioners. 

The professional handling of daily challenges is particularly important in the everyday life of social workers: after all, high-risk decisions, some of which have long-term consequences in the lives of the addressees, have to be made again and again. Wrong decisions can have tragic consequences, in the worst case even death. University didactics in the study of social work must contribute to graduates developing knowledge and corresponding skills for action in order to be prepared for complex everyday situations and to minimise the frequency of wrong decisions. Case presentations selected from practice are simulated in a protected setting in order to strengthen the students in their competence to act and to prepare them in the best possible way for everyday professional life. 

With the help of the simulation method, a new approach is taken in individual professionalisation. The goal: to prepare students for the complex challenges of practice and to enable them to act with the greatest possible confidence. 

Dr. Immanuel Ulrich

Immanuel Ulrich is Professor of Higher Education Didactics and Psychology has been teaching Higher Education Didactics and Psychology at the IU International University of Applied Sciences on the Frankfurt campus since 2019. He researches, teaches and continues to educate people about good higher education teaching. In 2014, his dissertation was awarded the Johannes Wildt Young Talent Award for Research in Higher Education Teaching from the German Association for Higher Education Didactics. He is a 2019 Teaching Fellow of the Stifterverband in the Fellowship Programme for Innovations in Higher Education Teaching. 

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