Further education as a chance for a new job. How motivated are job seekers? 


Learning during unemployment? Feelings about this are mixed. Lifelong learning is the big issue, when it comes to education and further education. However, what about the motivation for further education among jobseekers? The current study of the IU International University of Applied Sciences deals in detail with the topic "Motivation to learn during unemployment".

Around one third of respondents also see unemployment as an opportunity. For almost half, the stated goal is to find a job that they really like. In addition, 42.4 percent say that this gives them time for their future plans. In other words, what they really want to do.

Motivation for further education increases when it is in line with the personal goals. The level of motivation to attend a further education course is generally high among the jobseekers in the survey. More than three out of four feel very motivated or at least quite motivated.

For 42.8 percent, motivation to learn is especially high when the respondents know for what reason they are doing it, or when the learning pays off in terms of their personal goals. Being able to apply what they have learned directly into practice also motivates 39.6 percent of the respondents. The success of the learning process itself is also often mentioned as a motivating factor.

Those who continue their education have to learn a lot of new things and have to " go back to school". Many of the respondents who have no motivation for further education state that the reason for this is that they have learning difficulties. Around 30 percent of the respondents are worried about being unable to learn any more. A quarter also feel too stressed to continue their education. Furthermore, 24.2 percent of the jobseekers surveyed said that further education would be useless.

After all, the motivation to learn increases if this also improves job opportunities. The confidence of actually finding a job - this would be the main motivation for 55 percent to begin a further education course. Also, a higher starting salary would be a good reason for 40.5 percent to complete a further education course.

Our conclusion: Jobseekers are generally optimistic about further education during unemployment. However, they are often afraid of learning new things or learning difficulties. This fear should be taken seriously so that it can be resolved. Why is further education or training not so difficult? How can you learn to learn again? It is important to answer these questions in the future.



  • UNEMPLOYMENT? IS ALWAYS ALSO AN OPPORTUNITY. 37.2 % see unemployment as an opportunity. 48.0% see it as an impulse to finally find a job they really like.

  • THE MOTIVATION FOR A GOAL-ORIENTED FURTHER EDUCATION IS HIGH. 79.5 % are very or quite motivated about further education.

  • THE FEAR OF LEARNING NEW THINGS IS GREAT. 29.5 % are afraid of having learning difficulties.*

  • NEW JOB OPPORTUNITIES BY FURTHER EDUCATION. 55.0 % undergo further education in order to find a job with certainty.

  • Respondents who stated that they have no motivation for further education.

About this study 

  • Publication date : 28.06.2022

  • 1,002 respondents who have been unemployed for 24 months or less

  • Period of the survey: 14.01.2022 - 16.02.2022


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