Digital learning: how it works

Flexibility, self-determination, and real career opportunities: distance learning offers many benefits. IU International University's Trend Study Distance Learning 2021 attests to this. While many education providers and educational institutions faced major challenges during the pandemic, distance learning programmes proved that digital learning works.

A daily study routine that includes interactive scripts, innovative learning platforms, e-learning via apps, podcasts, vodcasts and virtual lectures, not only brings variety and learning success, but also reflects the pulse of our digital world. And what about distance learners? The majority of them feel satisfied and proud of their distance learning - and they are fully aware of the factors that drive them: career advancement, professional change and personal development.

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Trend Study Distance learning: The facts

96.4 %

of respondents are very satisfied / satisfied with their distance learning programme.

59.4 %

(want to) study in order to advance professionally or to change their career.

59.5 %

of distance learning graduates state that they have improved their career as a result of their distance learning.

>30 hours

most students spend on their distance learning.

63.7 %

finance or financed their studies through their own gainful employment.

97.7 %

of respondents think that online learning is gaining importance due to the pandemic.

Carmen Thoma aus der IU-Geschäftsführung

Distance learning rocks

"We see that distance learning rocks not only in the development of IUBH, but also in the development of the entire market. The number of distance learning students in Germany has been increasing for years. At IUBH, we can report a growth of more than 50% in distance learning programmes."

Carmen Thoma, COO IUBH Distance Learning

Compelling perks that win you over!

Distance learning offers maximum flexibility that fits into any student's life, and is overflowing with career opportunities, even for those who are well into their careers.

IU trend study shows top 5 reasons for distance learning

Motivation? Professional and personal development

Distance learning is preferred by a large proportion of respondents (59.4%), but lifelong learning and personal development are also important to more than half of respondents


* These are the top 5 responses to the following question: "For what reasons have you taken up / would you like to take up distance learning?"

Source: IU Trend Study Distance Learning 2021

For 63.9%, distance learning and face-to-face study are equivalent

Acceptance? Distance learning equals attendance study

3 out of 4 respondents believe that a distance learning program is equivalent (63.9%) or even more valuable (11.8%) than a face-to-face programme.

*The graph depicts students' and graduates' responses to the following question: "In youropinion/experience, how is distance learning regarded by the employer?"

Source: IU Trend Study Distance Learning 2021

59.5% were able to improve their careers thanks to a distance learning degree

Career opportunities! Distance learning pays off - also financially

Almost two-thirds (59.5%) of graduates say their career has improved as a result of their distance learning degree, whether through a higher salary, more attractive tasks, or more management responsibility.

*The answers of graduates to the question: "Were you able to make positive changes in your career as a result of your distance learning degree?"

Source: IU Trend Study Distance Learning 2021

IU Trendstudie Fernstudium 2021 als PDF zum Download

Trend Study Distance Learning 2021: Digital learning becomes the new standard

Get an in-depth look at all the facts and findings from our Distance Learning Trend Study, including responses from 6,400 participants and exciting insights on topics such as digital learning, satisfaction, time management, and education during the pandemic.

View the study in PDF

What our experts say

Prof. Dr. Holger Sommerfeldt, Rektor IU Fernstudium

"Distance learning has a lot to do with intrinsic motivation. Distance learners usually already have both feet firmly planted in life. They want to achieve more and do something for themselves. They want to develop personally and professionally.

Holger Sommerfeldt

Prorector IUBH Distance Learning

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