Digital learning is becoming the new standard.


Distance learning brings a paradigm shift in education. The current trend study on distance learning proves that distance learning is perfectly suited in our digitalised world to enable students to develop as flexibly and self-determinedly as possible. In the discussion about corona and homeschooling, the study shows how digital learning can become a model for success. This requires a paradigm shift in education, which distance learning has already achieved. The relationship between teacher and learner is becoming less and less important. Instead, the whole focus is on the content and its delivery according to the respective requirements of the learners. And for this there are innovative learning platforms, e-learning via app, video conferencing, podcasts, tutorials and much more. There are many reasons and motivations for distance learning. The study shows that distance learning is exactly in line with the times: many would like to complete a university degree once again - even if they are already in the middle of their careers. The main reasons here are to achieve more in their professional lives. For example, a higher position or more responsibility at work. Around 84% of graduates whose salary has increased as a result of distance learning say that the degree has been financially worthwhile for them. This is because distance learning has long since moved away from the "second degree" image and is now accepted by employers as a valuable university degree. And corona has also contributed to the growth: almost a quarter of those surveyed say that it was precisely the pandemic that made it clear to them how important upskilling can be for their professional future. Digital studies ideally meet the demands of our time and are therefore now seen as at least equivalent to in-person studies. The new successful model will ensure that the number of students in Germany continues to rise. It offers opportunities to many people for whom studying was previously out of the question. 



  • Studying is becoming increasingly digital. Online exams are increasing by more than 200% a year – while in-person exams are on the decline. 
  • Success included. Distance learning is worthwhile – and has positive effects, both from a financial and a personal standpoint. 
  • E-learning is making headway. Online tools are extremely important for distance learning. 
  • Developing internally instead of changing jobs. Most respondents would like to stay in their jobs and develop their careers there. 
  • Further education through corona. E-learning is becoming more and more important due to corona. 

About this study 

  • Survey of 6,400 distance learning students, prospective students and graduates 
  • Publisher: IU International University of Applied Sciences 
  • Survey period: 05.10.2020 – 15.11.2020 


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