• About 100 top athletes study at IU International University of Applied Sciences, among them the swimmer Celine Rieder, who will compete in Tokyo.
  • For three years now, the German Olympic Sports Confederation and IU International University of Applied Sciences have been cooperating to enable athletes and coaches to study at a distance.

Erfurt, 23 July 2021 - Students from IU International University of Applied Sciences will also be competing at the Summer Olympics in Tokyo, which begin today. Even though her studies have currently taken a back seat due to her participation in the Olympic Games: "I'll also have my documents with me in Tokyo," says Celine Rieder. The swimmer is studying digital business at IU International University of Applied Sciences by distance learning. After the Olympics, she says, she will devote more time to learning again. "Distance learning gives me the opportunity to study independently of time and place and to adapt the learning workload to my training in a self-determined way".

Celine Rieder is one of about 100 top athletes who are studying at the private IU International University of Applied Sciences in cooperation with the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB). Coaches and employees of the federations belonging to the DOSB are also supported if they decide to study at IU. The cooperation between the DOSB and IU has existed since 2017.

Discipline and diligence regardless of location

Because of their tight training schedules, it is hardly feasible for athletes to study in person or at set times. "The distance learning programme is ideally suited to the requirements of athletes, coaches and staff in the associations due to its flexibility, variety of topics and technical learning environment," says Prof. Dr. Kurt Jeschke, academic director of the educational cooperation with the DOSB. Students can start their academic training at any time and from any location.

The distance learning programme at IU International University is a fully-fledged study programme that takes place completely online. Students are free to decide whether they want to study full-time or part-time and when and where they want to study. Digital tools such as learning videos and interactive books are there to help them. They can also take the exams online. There are now around 170 state-recognised Bachelor's, Master's and MBA degree programmes to choose from for distance learning.

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