Erfurt, 23 September 2020 - Camping fans and those who want to join them are now well equipped with the new caravan tour map for the Münsterland region. It provides all the information on the most beautiful campsites and the best tips for exploring the region. The map is part of the #Rethinking Tourism project of IUBH International University of Applied Sciences, which is competing for the German Tourism Award. 

Get in, drive off and simply enjoy your freedom! Due to the COVID pandemic, camping is very much in vogue. Just in time for the start of the autumn holidays in North Rhine-Westphalia, the new caravan tour map for Münsterland will guide you to the campsites and most beautiful spots in the region ‒ for the perfect holiday right at your doorstep.

IUBH students developed the map together with professors, experts in the field and ADAC Westfalen und Münsterland. Their goal: developing a route through the Münsterland region to draw attention to the many camping options there and thus creating added value for the entire region. The result is impressive: Along the route, campers experience the region from its most beautiful side and get many tips for day trips and leisure activities as well as information on matching camp sites and local barrier-free offerings. 

Regional camping tourism - an opportunity for the Münsterland region

Castles and palaces, wild horses and flamingos, hiking trails and cycling routes, culture and literature, gardens and parks, leisure pools and water skiing, picnic areas and orchards, lakes and museums – not only are there excellent camping opportunities in Münsterland, there are also plenty of things to do and see. The caravan tour map shows the numerous possibilities. It is designed for approx. 14 days and can be individually arranged, i.e. shortened or extended: Depending on your preferences, different side routes, but also the number of stops and activities can be put together individually. There are also lots of tips for leisure activities and day trips.

A caravan tour map like this is not only new, but also makes perfect sense. After all, regional camping tourism is currently gaining popularity thanks to the pandemic, emphasises Heike Ellermann, head of tourism at ADAC Westphalia: "Holidays on your doorstep are currently very much in demand. At the moment, it is important for many people to be independent and to be able to just drive off when it suits them ‒ without having to book a hotel or flight. That's why trips with campers and caravans are booming right now," she says. The reason: "Ultimately, camping is a safe way to travel. On the road with your own home in tow, you can travel wherever and whenever you want within Germany. Everyone can also decide for themselves how to keep in touch with other holidaymakers. Those who travel in this country also don't have to cross a border and, whenever necessary, have a shorter way back home."


#Rethinking Tourism

Hotel industry, restaurants, destinations, travel agencies, airline, leisure and event industry - the #Rethinking Tourism project covers the entire range of the tourism industry. This also includes a blog, which is regularly updated with articles by more than 200 tourism students from 11 IUBH study locations throughout Germany. The results on the different practical examples are also edited and presented as podcasts and videos using various multimedia channels. i.e. on Facebook Instagram YouTube Spotify  and iTunes .

"With incentives for networking and cooperation, the tourism industry and science are making a constructive contribution and develop solutions that are freely and publicly accessible to anyone interested," initiator and head of the project Prof. Dr. Peter Neumann explains the idea. "Anyone looking for advice, action or ideas on how to overcome the effects of the pandemic will find what they are looking for in our blog. Providers of tourism services can connect beyond their own industry and learn from others."


With its #Rethinking Tourism project, IUBH has applied for the German Tourism Award, which every year honours pioneering products and projects in German tourism.