Karlsruhe, 4 October 2021 - At the beginning of the 2021 winter semester, IU International University of Applied Sciences opened a campus location for dual studies in Karlsruhe. IU has moved into the premises of the former Europa Campus in Blücherstraße. It will start with four degree programmes: Social Work, Tourism Management, Marketing Management and Media Design. Each of these leads to a Bachelor's degree in seven semesters. From the 2022 winter semester, it is planned to expand to 13 degree programmes, with a stronger focus on areas such as business administration, IT and technology. Currently, around 80 students are enrolled at the Karlsruhe location, the majority of them in the Social Work programme.

The students alternate between theory on campus, supported by digital offerings, and practical phases in a partner company. Lisa Metternich, head of the Karlsruhe location, is certain: "The demand is definitely there. Our practice partners particularly appreciate our flexible time models, such as the weekly change or the split week, which enable frequent practical assignments. On the one hand, the students are happy with our intensive support through the student advisory service, which already starts in the application phase, and, on the other hand, of course, are impressed by the study programme itself."

Practical partners in the region are, for example, hotels, advertising agencies, but also social institutions involved in youth work or family assistance. Those who apply for a study place do not have to have an apprenticeship, explains Metternich: "We support the students in the application process and help them find the right company."

The study programme is free of charge for the students themselves. The tuition fees of around 700 euros per month are paid by the respective practice partner. The prerequisite for the programme is a general higher education entrance qualification or a technical college entrance qualification. A completed vocational training with two years of work experience is also recognised.