Studying in a new way: IU International University of Applied Sciences launches myStudium

New study format meets the needs of the "Corona generation”

Flexible studying between campuses in Hamburg, Berlin or Cologne, digital courses and flexible time

Erfurt, 14 April 2021 What does the "Generation Corona" need when they leave school after more than a year of pandemic? What should a degree programme look like that meets the needs of today's school leavers? The answer from IU International University of Applied Sciences is myStudium: Germany's largest university wants to meet the needs of today's 18-20 year olds - and has invented a completely new study format to do so.

A three-way win - that's what distinguishes myStudium from classic degree programmes:

myStudium offers well-known, popular subjects such as business studies, psychology and media design - but with a completely new combination of three central elements that together create a flexibility for students that is unique in Germany:

 - Classical courses, seminars, tutorials on the campus in Hamburg, Berlin or Cologne

- a choice of alternatives to the traditional courses: joint digital courses, seminars and tutorials on the virtual campus

- and learning with flexible time management using formats such as videos, interactive scripts and Learn apps.


"A completely new study format for today's high school graduates".


"We surveyed over 1,000 teenagers and young adults about what they want from their studies today - also based on their experiences with the pandemic," reports Yannic Müller, myStudium project manager at IU International University of Applied Sciences. "In the process, two, at first glance contradictory, core needs have emerged: Flexibility and structure. Today's school leavers want to be able to choose and change the contents and formats, places and times of their studies as flexibly as possible. At the same time, they want a binding framework, personal support as needed and contact with other students."


Holger Sommerfeldt, Rector of IU International University of Applied Sciences, explains: "We want to make education possible for everyone by focusing on the students' needs. The generation that is now taking the Abitur is characterised by mobility and digital everyday life - but also by the Corona crisis with its extreme effects on schools. That's why we have developed this completely new study format for today's A-level students: myStudium uses the enormous flexibility of innovative digital teaching and learning methods and brings them together with the advantages of campus studies - structure and contact."


More choice...

The flexibility of myStudium comes not only from the fact that there are joint events at the location and on the virtual campus as well as many different on-demand e-learning formats. It also comes from the numerous choices:

- Students can choose and switch between location campus and virtual campus for each individual course.

- They can change their location per semester.

- And they can try out several subjects from other degree programmes to discover new things - and even get credit for written exams.


... less torture


In addition, myStudium offers the well-known advantages of studying at a private university: small learning groups, individual support as desired - from study counselling in advance to personal coaching during your studies. A good connection to numerous companies - for example for the practical semester. Lecturers from the world of work. And no NC. At around 350 euros per month, myStudium at the IU costs about half as much as face-to-face studies at other large private universities. This happens in order to make it possible for as many young people as possible to study in this way.




What, when, where?

- Popular, promising subjects such as psychology, social work, media design, computer science, marketing and business studies (more courses to follow).

 - Start of studies quarterly from 1 October 2021 - registration now

- At the campuses in Hamburg, Berlin and Cologne (further locations are planned) as well as location-independent at the virtual campus - from home or even on the road, when travelling is possible again without any difficulties