A job after graduation, or your money back: IU launches New Job Guarantee Offer

IU ensures students find a relevant job to boost career trajectory with new Job Guarantee


IU ensures students find a relevant job to boost career trajectory with new Job Guarantee.

  • Students are guaranteed a job within 18 months after graduation, or their full tuition fee is refunded  
  • On-campus students studying a master’s degree in select tech fields are eligible  
  • Students benefit from exclusive career prep training, workshops and personalised career coaching  

Erfurt, Germany, 11 September 2023. Students at IU International University of Applied Sciences (IU) can now rest assured they will land a job within 18 months of graduation. As the EU’s largest economy with opportunities in tech, Germany is the ideal study and work location for international students looking to receive an internationally recognised and career focused degree. The first study fields to be included in IU’s new Job Guarantee are the following master’s programmes in tech:  

  • MA Computer Science  
  • MA Cyber Security  
  • MA Data Science (120 ECTS)  
  • MA Artificial Intelligence  

To qualify for IU’s Job Guarantee, students enroled in one of the listed study programmes must complete their studies in the standard study period with an overall grade of at least 2.5, reach a B2 German language level during their period of study, complete at least 300 hours of internship and/or part-time employment internships, participate in employability training and workshops and actively apply for jobs.  

IU’s Job Guarantee is geared towards helping students get a job in Germany that is related to their field of study and offers at least a 12-month contract. To help ensure students’ success in finding a full-time job in their industry, they receive a wealth of personalised career support services: including German language courses and certification, career preparatory training and workshops, CV support and interview training, as well as internships and part-time jobs during their studies.

Dr. Sven Schütt (CEO)

Dr. Sven Schuett, CEO, IU International University of Applied Sciences, said:  

“Our mission at IU is to empower people with the most personalised education. A key part of that personalisation is the outcome people aim for with education. For many international students, gaining post study employment is the key objective. By providing our students with an education offering to this desire we’re helping shape them into world-class talent, so they can achieve their dream career.”  

For more information about IU’s new Job Guarantee offer, visit: iu.org/job-guarantee.


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