• Further education with flexible start, timing, and end dates.
  • Fully digitalised courses with learning app and tablet.
  • Personal counselling by career advisors and learning coaches.
  • Study reveals deficits of mere job application training.

Erfurt, 21 December 2022 - With IU Academy, IU International University of Applied Sciences (IU), Germany's largest university, offers further education courses that correspond to a university course at the bachelor level in terms of quality and content. The continuing education programme is primarily aimed at job seekers who want to improve their chances on the labour market through subsidised further education measures. However, employees who want to expand on their professional and personal development can also take advantage of the further education programmes. 

"Participants in our courses benefit from IU International University of Applied Sciences’ many years of experience with innovative online teaching. This means that our training courses are fully digital and flexible. In this way, participants can learn and take exams at their own pace, according to their personal situation," says Dr Thomas Fink, Director of IU Academy.

 "We also offer our participants more than what is usual on the market. With our offer, this sets us apart from the competition. For example, jobseekers who are successfully placed in a job can continue to take their course at IU Academy for up to six months and earn their degree. In addition, there is regular exchange between participants and with our experts in daily check-ins and interactive workshops," Fink continues.

IU Academy strives to make its continuing education programme accessible to as many people as possible: For this reason, interested persons can start a further education programme at IU Academy at any time and without any special admission requirements. Participation for job seekers is also assured, as the costs can be 100 per cent subsidised by the employment agency with the education voucher.


Over 400 subject-specific courses with a chance of success 

IU currently offers more than 400 online courses in the fields of marketing and sales, management and economics, healthcare and other professions that are in demand. The duration of these further education courses ranges from one to eight months, depending on the programme and model (full- or part-time).

 In the courses, participants acquire desirable skills and therefore become sought-after professionals in innovative occupational fields such as "online marketing expert" or "agile leader" in order to increase their job opportunities on the labour market.

At the end of each training, participants receive a recognised certificate at university level, regardless of the level of education they had before the training at IU Academy. Further education at the bachelor level can even be credited towards a bachelor’s degree at IU International University of Applied Sciences after receiving the final certificate. This makes IU Academy and IU International University of Applied Sciences one of the few providers on the further education market to give participants the opportunity to deepen their further education in a university degree programme.

IU Academy provides training advisors to help job seekers find the right course for them among the many training options. They help those interested to find a course that best fits their job profile and personal strengths.


Personalised all-round coaching with a high success rate 

IU Academy offers a comprehensive counselling and coaching package that supports applicants in all phases of the application process: "When you complete your further education at IU Academy, you receive a total package of career counselling and personalised career coaching that focuses on comprehensive training as well as personality development," says Kerstin Kraus, career coach at IU Academy.

Career coaches like Kerstin Kraus cover all career topics. Whether career events, workshops, group coaching or 1:1 coaching - the participants are optimally prepared for future job applications and work situations. "After losing a job, many jobseekers feel insecure. With a dismissal breathing down their neck, they have questions of orientation. As a coach, I initiate a process in which the coachee has the opportunity to gain insights into themself and their personal strengths. I see my task as making a quick start into professional life possible that is at the same time coherent, well thought-out and sustainable," explains Kraus.


IU study reveals deficits in job application trainings

Many job application trainings are too one-sided. This is shown by the study of IU International University of Applied Sciences, "Applying while Unemployed". According to the study, half of the respondents (48.1 per cent) stated that they could not use what they had learned in a real job application situation. In addition, there was a large discrepancy between what had been trained and what was needed. For example, a large majority of respondents (81.8 per cent) who had already taken such training with a private provider stated that the training included revising their CV. But not even half of the respondents (46.4 per cent) said this content was important.


Further education offer

The IU further education programme is certified and state-recognised in accordance with the "Accreditation and Approval Ordinance for Employment Promotion" (AZAV). It can also be found in KURSNET, the portal of the Federal Agency for Vocational Education and Training in Germany.

The complete list of all further education programmes of IU Academy can be viewed here: https://www.iu-akademie.de/weiterbildungen/.


About the IU study

For the study "Applying while Unemployed" by IU International University of Applied Sciences, a total of 1,026 jobseekers in Germany were surveyed in the period from 17 to 30 May 2022. The aim of the study was to find out how jobseekers perceive job application training, what works well and what can be improved.

The white paper on the study is available here.


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